MOPH Chapter 730

Henderson, Boulder City, and South Las Vegas
Chapter Elected & Appointed Chapter Officers

May 2015 - April 2016

Elected Officers

Commander: Dan Peterson PH: 702-449-4491
  181 Mountainside Dr., Henderson, NV 89012
E-Mail:  dpeterson6525@gmail.com
Sr. Vice Commander: Rudy Loupias PH: 702-856-0770
  1051 Plentywood Pl, Henderson, NV 89002
Jr. Vice Commander: Richard Keirn PH: 702-419-6869
  34 Tanglewood Dr., Henderson, NV 89012
E-Mail:  richard.keirn@yahoo.com
Finance Officer: David Hugus PH: 626-253-3325
  2179 Madison Heights St., Henderson, NV 89052
E-Mail:  dhugus@aol.com
Sergeant at Arms Officer: Ron Sharetts
PH: 702-361-6609
  7421 Puritan Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123
E-Mail:  sharetts@aol.com
Judge Advocate Officer: Christopher Gates PH: 303-913-4285
  852 Via Serenelia, Henderson, NV 89011
E-Mail:  satchel5555@yahoo.com
Trustee, 1 Year Officer: Greg Von Rothkirch PH: 702-270-0561
  2490 Rye Beach Lane, Henderson, NV 89052
E-Mail:  lvrgvr@aol.com


Chapter Officers appointed by the Commander

Adjutant: Art Cozad 702-873-8392 Email: 2cozadlv@cox.net

Chapter Chaplain: Don Sacco 702-451-1886

Chapter Historian / Welfare Officer: Richard Keirn 702-419-6869 Email: richard.keirn@yahoo.com

Americanism Officer: Gunny Steve 702-565-0738

Chapter New Letter:  Bernardo Santos 702-492-6843 Email: altos_invest@yahoo.com

MOPH Service Officer, Eddie Kimes - VA Hospital 702-791-9000 x14463 Email: eddiekimes@va.gov


All Chapter Elected Officers, with Commanders, are part of the "Executive & Finance Committee", meeting are every other month.